The Best Bay Of Plenty Corporate Entertainment

If you are looking to book your next Bay of Plenty corporate entertainment, consider Zombieland Paintball and Laser Tag. This venue is located at 1311 Oturoa Road, off the State Highway 5 Rotorua. This venue offers day and night events that will guarantee entertainment from start to finish. Here are a few things you need to know before you make a booking:

  • Every booking will require at least 4 players
  • This is the ideal venue for Bay of Plenty corporate entertainment
  • All the protective gear will be supplied which includes Camouflage Ponchos, Goggles and chest-armour for the lady players
  • Free BBQ facilities on request
  • Experience a fun filled thrilling day within an enjoyable and safe environment


The standard paintball games played in New Zealand usually involve a few flags scattered across a paddock that has been covered with wooden pellets. This is not the case at Zombieland, where you will find a battlefield that is extremely unique. Here you and your guests get to search for human body parts, hiding in creepy dark bushes or you will have a couple of seconds to locate and then disarm an electronic bomb hidden in vehicles or huts across the field.

Tactical Laser Tag

Another popular Bay of Plenty corporate entertainment option is the tactical laser tag at Zombieland. The focus of all the excitement in these games has to do with the iCombat Tactical laser-tag equipment. Some of the features include weapon systems that have been designed after the real-world components. The function, form and size are as realistic as the real-thing. This venue offers fully-themed arenas with extremely deep experiences that have been designed with immersion and realism in mind.

What To Bring With

When you book your Bay of Plenty corporate entertainment event at Zombieland, please let your guests know that they will need to bring along clothing that can get dirty. Bring along wet-weather items if it rains on the day and closed footwear.

When you would like to book your Bay of Plenty corporate entertainment at Zombieland here is some of the information you will be asked for:

  • Your Name, Email and Contact number
  • Your group size and where you will be traveling from
  • The date you would like to make the booking for along with the length of the sessions

Sessions Available:

  1. Choose the Novice Zombie Slayer game and you will be supplied with 50 paintballs, and action-paintball guns. This option costs $25 for each player and includes 2 X 20 minute games. This game takes up to a maximum of 12 players.
  2. The Seasoned Killer game includes 200 paintballs along with a semi-automatic Paintball gun. The game accommodates a maximum of 50 players and includes 2 X 20 minute games. The cost includes $45 a player.
  3. The Slayer of Masses session includes 500 paintballs and semiautomatic Paintball guns. This game accommodates up to 40 people and costs $80 per a person.
  4. If your Corporate Entertainment group includes more than 20 people you can take advantage of a discount on 2 X 20 minute games.
  5. The Predator Laser Tag games accommodate up to 26 players and costs $25 per a player.
  6. The iCombat is suitable for up to 10 players and includes 2 X 20 minute games at $45 per a person.